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Telling the Children About Divorce, and How Collaboration and Mediation May Help

One of the hardest conversations we have with divorcing parents surrounds their fears about telling the children that a marriage is over. As their lawyers, the very best advice that we have for them is 1) to seek out a mental health professional experienced with families and children who can guide them through how to tell the children, and 2) to consider a collaborative or mediated divorce that will provide them Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Underscores that Second Parent Adoption Remains Critical for Same Sex Parents

"You still have to adopt your children." I have said this more times than I can count since the United States Supreme Court decisions on same sex marriage equality United States v. Windsor and Obergefell v. Hodges. Why? Many same-sex couples who have a child who is biologically related to one parent and not the other -- for example, a couple may use a sperm or egg donor to assist them in conceiving their baby Read More

Finding Happiness After Divorce

At Freed Marcroft we keep in touch with our clients following their divorces, and how they have taught us that life — whether during divorce or any other tough time — is what you make of it.  You can choose whether you wallow in it or learn from it. You can choose whether you look forward or keep looking backward. Another hearteningly common refrain from our clients is that one day they wake up and suddenly Read More

Five Things to Consider When Selecting Your Kids’ Guardians

If you have a child under the age of 18, you should formally designate a legal guardian (or co-guardians) in the event you or your children's other parent pass away. If you don't go through the legal process of designating a guardian for your child, a court will select who will care for your child -- and it won't necessarily be who you would choose. Though picking a guardian is a very personal decision, the Read More

David Bowie’s Will Made Page Six: How to Keep Yours Private

The contents of David Bowie's will were widely reported over the weekend.  Some provisions were "unusual" enough to make the New York Post's famous gossip section, Page Six. According to reports, $50 million went to his wife, Iman, and his two children will receive roughly $25 million each.  That wasn't the excitement, though. Mr. Bowie left his personal assistant Corinne Coco Schwab $2 million -- according to Read More

Why it is Critical to Update (or Make!) Your Estate Plan After Divorce

A divorce is often an emotionally and financially unsettled time, and, understandably, estate planning may be your last priority when you’re facing the breakup of your marriage. However, once your divorce is final and things have settled down (and you are less weary of looking at legal documents!), it’s important to turn your attention to your estate documents to make sure they reflect your current wishes. You are at Read More

Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire: Five Tips for Smoother Communication During Divorce

Even under the best circumstances, divorce is difficult.  There is so much emotion and so many parts of your life are in flux. Understandably, for many couples, maintaining productive, or even civil, communication during the divorce process can be a challenge.  Despite the difficulty, it is essential for your well-being (not to mention the well-being of your children, if you have them!) to be able to effectively Read More

Madonna’s Christmas Custody Battle & What a Connecticut Court Might Do

On Christmas, Madonna shared this photo of her and her son, Rocco, commenting “Merry Xmas to the sunshine of my life.” It is not uncommon for custody disputes to arise (or become more heated) during the holiday season.  When they involve celebrities, the family's personal struggle can wind-up in the press. So it is with the custody battle between Madonna and Rocco's father, Guy Ritchie, about where their 15 Read More

Landing on Your Feet (and Other Lessons on Life From Divorce Clients)

A year ago this week I – in a spectacular flailing demonstration more worthy of Clark Griswold than Nancy Kerrigan – broke my ankle “ice skating” during Winterfest at Bushnell Park. Note: As a board member of iQuilt (one of the main entities behind Winterfest), and as a cheerleader for Hartford, I strongly encourage you to enjoy the free ice skating.  As a world-class klutz, I encourage you to be careful while Read More

Catching up with Connecticut: The IRS Issues Proposed Rulings on the Definition Of “Husband” And “Wife”

In June, the Supreme Court ruled state bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional in Obergefell v. Hodges.  Accordingly, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has now issued proposed regulations under which marriages between couples of the same sex are recognized for all federal tax purposes, including income, estate, gift, generation-skipping, and employment tax. More specifically, the proposed regulations were Read More