March Madness: The Same Sex Marriage Edition

  •   |   Meghan Freed

One of the things I miss about working in a large law firm is a robust and festive March Madness pool.  (Remembering that the last time I was in a large Connecticut firm, the UConn men were contenders with fewer academic “struggles.”  The UConn women, of course, were as outstanding both on the court and in the classroom back then as they are now.) So what does the NCAA tournament have to do with same sex marriage?  Well, this morning the United States Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on Hollingsworth v. Perry, in which the Plaintiffs’ say Proposition 8, California’s ban on same sex marriage, violates the United States’ Constitution’s equal protection guarantee. Folks have turned the Court’s possible decisions on both Hollingsworth and United States v. Windsor, the DOMA case in front of the Court tomorrow, into diagnostic keys of the possible outcomes. Some of our favorites are from the New York Times and Third Way.

Kristen, who is more clever than I by half, had the inspired suggestion that we turn these into NCAA-style brackets.  We’re hoping some friendly competition will be distracting while we wait for the decisions.

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