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Freed Marcroft takes pride in our work as an adoption attorney. As some of our most fulfilling work, supporting clients as they become parents is an honor. Whether working with stepparents, second parents or same-sex couple adoptions, we have counseled a variety of adoption cases with practiced legal acumen and integrity. We are award-winning adoption lawyers centered on compassionate care for clients.

In terms of the legal system, the impact of adoption is that the adopted child becomes, for all legal purposes and without exception, the legal child of the adopting parent or parents. When most people think of adoption lawyers, they immediately think of agency adoptions, international adoptions or foster care. At Freed Marcroft, we are well-versed in a broad range of adoptions including stepparent or second parent circumstances. Our sensitive family law firm is committed to safeguarding an emotional process for every single client. By partnering with us, you can confidently ensure the success of your Connecticut adoption.

Second Parent Adoption

In Connecticut, a “second parent adoption,” also known as a co-parent adoption and sometimes a “stepparent adoption,” refers to a legal process in which a child who is the biological child of one member of a couple is adopted by the member of the couple who is not yet formally the child’s legal parent.  After the adoption, the child has two legal parents.

Many of these adoptions result from the remarriage of a divorced parent whose spouse adopts his or her child from their previous marriage or relationship. Others result when a child is born via assisted reproductive technology (“ART”), and only one spouse or partner is the biological parent of a couple’s child.  Because there are different legal implications depending on how a child is conceived (for example using known or unknown donor eggs or sperm), we encourage you to contact us before becoming pregnant.  In many cases there are legal steps that should be taken prior to conception.

Freed Marcroft lawyers write and present frequently on adoption, and you can read more here or on our below blog posts:

The attorneys at Freed Marcroft guide select clients and families through the legal aspects of termination of parental rights and adoption while remaining mindful of their overall wellness. To discuss our helping your family, contact us today either here or by phone at 860-560-8160.