Freed Marcroft » Real Estate

Whether Freed Marcroft represents a growing business or an individual in a real estate transaction, our services go far beyond the acquisition and closing.

We are available to our commercial and residential clients throughout their entire transaction, including the purchase, sale, lending, leasing, ownership, and management.

Our services include representing clients in connection with financing; review of title insurance commitments; attention to condominium and other common interest community matters; negotiation and drafting of real estate documents; formation of business entities to address liability and tax issues; due diligence and analysis required to determine the steps needed to obtain any federal, state, and local permits or approvals in connection with the property; and management of properties.

We are always mindful that there is much at stake in both the commercial and residential contexts, and we are committed to providing thorough explanations, advocating on your behalf, and efficiently resolving any issues that arise.

Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.

—Mark Twain