Matthew McGoldrick

Matthew McGoldrick, Attorney


Matthew is not only an attorney with Freed Marcroft, he’s also an NFL Owner.


Well, he owns .0000002% (1 out of 5,011,558 shares) of the Green Bay Packers.  And we say that counts for something!


Matthew has always gravitated towards working in a team environment.  Matthew has had the honor of contributing to a brighter future for school-aged children by collaborating with local elementary and middle schools; empowering students with learning and behavioral disabilities and easing their transition into mainstream classes.  He also gave back to his alma mater, Villanova University, by serving as Student Manager & Director of Soccer Operations for the Women’s Team.  Prior to joining Freed Marcroft, Matthew was an attorney at a firm specializing in Condominium Law.  Here, he applied his passion for helping people with his natural drive for teamwork. He helped Property Managers and Condominium Association Boards of Directors to resolve legal issues and work with the Unit Owners to dramatically improve the quality of life for the people living within the associations.


Matthew now utilizes all resources available, collaborating with financial planners, family counselors, and the rest of the Freed Marcroft staff, in order to help his clients achieve their goals and priorities.  He calls upon his past experience in counseling students and Condominium Boards to help his clients clarify their goals and understand the complex emotions and situations they are going through.  Matthew, at his core, is committed to making even the toughest life transitions a little bit easier for each of his clients.


When not in the office, Matthew spends much of his time with his parents, brothers, and niece.  When he isn’t working for his clients or eating baking cupcakes with his niece, Matthew enjoys spending time on the golf course, which has taught him that it may be time to team up with a swing coach.