Child Custody & Parenting Plans

For families with children, decisions regarding child custody and support are some of the most emotional aspects of a divorce. At Freed Marcroft, we are committed to helping our clients reach the best possible position to make decisions regarding their family by ensuring that they understand their rights, options, and obligations.

Freed Marcroft’s attorneys understand how important it is for children to maintain a healthy, stable relationship with the adults in their lives, barring unusual circumstances. Whether we are negotiating a parenting plan during a dissolution, seeking or defending against a modification of custody, or handling a contempt for non-compliance with an existing custody agreement, we are committed to helping families understand the issues behind custody and parenting, including parenting time, physical and legal custody, joint and sole custody, and others.

Through informed representation, Freed Marcroft’s attorneys enable clients to find the best resolution for their children and protect their parental rights.

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The attorneys at Freed Marcroft guide select clients through the legal aspects of child custody and parenting plans while remaining mindful of their overall wellness. To discuss our helping with your situation, contact us either here or by phone at 860-560-8160.