What Should an Effective Cohabitation Agreement Between Unmarried Couples Contain?

Prenups aren't just for married couples. Unmarried couples can get in on the legal action with a contract of their own, called a “cohabitation agreement.” While it may seem like an unromantic document to some, it can be an excellent estate planning tool and an excellent way to resolve disputes down the road. Make sure you include these elements in your cohabitation agreement to make sure it's as effective and Read More

Here’s an Idea: How About a Prenup for Ideas?

Prenuptial agreements are not unique to this generation. For decades, engaged couples have used them to protect each person’s respective assets in the event of divorce, especially if one or both parties were of high net worth. What has changed is the type of property being protected. In addition to money, retirement accounts, real estate, and commercial holdings, millennials in particular are taking steps to protect Read More

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Why Unmarried Couples Should Have Cohabitation Agreements

I was recently thinking about a friend of mine from out of state who went through a pretty miserable breakup.  She and her former beau had lived together for several years, and they had a heck of a time determining how to handle to separate their financial lives when they split. People dealing with the ending of a long term relationship often undergo similar emotional struggles as they would if they were going Read More

Family Law Attorney Meghan Freed’s Advice in Martha Stewart Weddings

Attorney Meghan Freed was recently interviewed by writer Yelena Moroz Alpert for her Martha Stewart Weddings article entitled Should You Live Together Before You Get Married? The article explored  "the pros and cons of living together before you walk down the aisle."  Meghan presented one potential con, from a legal perspective: "When a couple goes through divorce, so do their assets. 'The court is here to help Read More