Why Mediate Your Divorce?: 6 Key Benefits

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process, but contrary to what television would have you believe, it doesn’t have to be contentious. While litigation is necessary in some circumstances, for many couples, mediation is an effective alternative that allows you and your spouse to reach your own agreement. In divorce mediation, a neutral mediator assists a divorcing couple in arriving at a mutually acceptable Read More

Collaboration or Mediation?

Divorce is a major life change for you and your children, but it doesn’t have to be conflict-laden or emotionally devastating. Although most people think that divorce is characterized by a nasty and drawn-out courtroom battle, it is actually possible to end a marriage in gentler ways that protect the children and preserve the dignity of your relationship with your former spouse. These alternatives to traditional Read More

A Divorce Lawyer’s Top 3 Tips to Her Friend About How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

What do divorce lawyers tell their friends about hiring divorce lawyers? Well, the other day, an old friend of mine reached out with some rough news. His marriage is struggling and he has reached the point where it's time for him to meet with a divorce law firm to get his arms around some of the potential impacts to him and his family. My friend lives on the other side of the country, and wanted my take on how Read More

Collaborative Divorce: The Non-Adversarial Alternative

For decades if people were getting a divorce, they could expect to have to present their cases in front of a judge. Even if they were largely in agreement about how they wanted it to go, this environment naturally led to conflict. Today, however, there is an alternative that is quickly growing in popularity. Collaborative divorce is a process where both parties (along with their attorneys) focus on finding common Read More

Divorce, the Kids, & the House: What on Earth is “Bird Nesting?”

"Wait, we do what?" It can sound pretty baffling at first. Here's the scoop.  The kids stay in the family home -- the “nest,” get it?  The idea is that instead of children having to go back and forth between their parents, the parents are the ones doing the moving around.  A parent moves into the home for parenting time with the kids, and then out to his or her part-time place when it's the other parent's Read More

Grace and Frankie, Silver Divorce, and (Special Guest and Pop Culture Wiz) Meghan’s Mom

It's summer, and, of course, we should all be outside. But just in case you want to beat the heat by spending a blissful afternoon bingewatching Netflix, consider Grace and Frankie. The show -- featuring an all-star ensemble cast comprised of Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Tom Waterson -- is a sweet, funny, and poignant take on the ups and downs of divorce later in life. Which, per our experience Read More

Meet Me in the Field: Collaborative Family Law Attorneys Committed to a Better Way for Connecticut Families

It could be considered a somewhat surprising scene.  So many lawyers, and yet the morning started with a meditation, not a gavel.  Agenda items ranged from a discussion on the most recent (ever evolving) court decisions on division of inheritances to role plays on how to negotiate thorny issues.  Judges were quoted, so was Rumi. It was the annual meeting of the Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Association of Greater Read More

Telling the Children About Divorce, and How Collaboration and Mediation May Help

One of the hardest conversations we have with divorcing parents surrounds their fears about telling the children that a marriage is over. As their lawyers, the very best advice that we have for them is 1) to seek out a mental health professional experienced with families and children who can guide them through how to tell the children, and 2) to consider a collaborative or mediated divorce that will provide them Read More

Divorce Attorney Meghan Freed’s Smart About Money Interview about Collaborative Divorce

Meghan Freed was among the divorce professionals interviewed by Smart About Money on balancing the emotional side of divorce with the practical side of splitting a couple's assets and liabilities.  She focused on the benefits of collaborative divorce: "Collaboration offers a middle ground between mediation and full adversarial litigation.  Like mediation, it is a voluntary process. The major difference between Read More

Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire: Five Tips for Smoother Communication During Divorce

Even under the best circumstances, divorce is difficult.  There is so much emotion and so many parts of your life are in flux. Understandably, for many couples, maintaining productive, or even civil, communication during the divorce process can be a challenge.  Despite the difficulty, it is essential for your well-being (not to mention the well-being of your children, if you have them!) to be able to effectively Read More