Divorce, the Kids, & the House: What on Earth is “Bird Nesting?”

"Wait, we do what?" It can sound pretty baffling at first. Here's the scoop.  The kids stay in the family home -- the “nest,” get it?  The idea is that instead of children having to go back and forth between their parents, the parents are the ones doing the moving around.  A parent moves into the home for parenting time with the kids, and then out to his or her part-time place when it's the other parent's Read More

Lessons From A Porch: the Rise of Divorce Later in Life

Kristen and I were lucky enough to spend the weekend in Provincetown.  The Land's End Inn is our favorite place to stay for many reasons -- but chief among them is its magnificent porch with views of the harbor.  Our purpose this weekend was to get away from the office to do some strategic planning for the firm, and so we have happily holed up on a wicker couch with coffee, laptops, and our agenda. The inn is in Read More

Grace and Frankie, Silver Divorce, and (Special Guest and Pop Culture Wiz) Meghan’s Mom

It's summer, and, of course, we should all be outside. But just in case you want to beat the heat by spending a blissful afternoon bingewatching Netflix, consider Grace and Frankie. The show -- featuring an all-star ensemble cast comprised of Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Tom Waterson -- is a sweet, funny, and poignant take on the ups and downs of divorce later in life. Which, per our experience Read More