6 Preemptive Strategies to Protect Your Business From Divorce

Most people going through it know that divorce is not only emotionally trying, but also that there will likely be unwelcome financial consequences.  Entrepreneurs and business owners, however, face the additional potential of a significant negative impact to their business -- in some cases the whole company is at risk, even if it's thriving. Due to the added complexities, these matters require more attention and Read More

Top Four Financial Benefits To Filing First For Divorce

One of the questions we are often asked at Freed Marcroft is whether there is an advantage to filing for divorce before your spouse.  Given that this is such a common concern, we have put together a three-part series detailing the potential financial, legal, and family benefits to being the first to file. We will begin today with the top financial benefits, but first, understand that divorce is not just a legal or Read More