How to Take the “Step” Out of “Stepparent”

Are you ready to take the “step” out of “stepparent” and become a fully legal parent to your spouse's child? With a successful stepparent adoption, you take on all the legal rights and responsibilities associated with biological parenthood—as long as you follow the proper procedures. The adoption process differs from state to state, so make sure you understand the steps you'll have to take in Connecticut. Step 1: Read More

What Divorced Parents Need to Know About the UCCJEA

Every year, parental separation and divorce affects over one million children in the U.S.. Because today’s society is a lot more mobile than preceding generations, it is not unusual for the parents of these children to move to different cities and even different states. In the latter instance, jurisdictional issues can arise that divorced parents need to know about. The UCCJEA Explained At one time, custody Read More

How to Develop a Great Parenting Plan

When parents split, the dynamics of the entire family change. Two households are created, living arrangements are no longer the same, and the children no longer have both their parents with them at the same time. To minimize stress and set the groundwork for a positive future, you and your spouse should put aside personal differences and create a great parenting plan that is both realistic and favors the needs of Read More

Divorce and Your Kids: 6 Tips to Help Minimize Their Stress

When parents initially approach the subject of divorce with one another, one of their first concerns is normally how the children will take it. Fortunately, children are far more resilient than many adults give them credit for, and with the proper approach and support, most children can adapt quite well to the changes occurring in their life during and after a divorce. In order to achieve this positive outcome Read More

Be the Best Divorced Parents You Can Be: 8 Tips for Effective Co-Parenting

An amicable co-parenting arrangement with your ex is not always easy, but when successfully carried out it can give your children stability and a sense of being close to both their parents. It is therefore important to put aside the anger and hostility of the past and develop a civil working relationship with your former spouse. These 8 tips will help you foster an effective co-parenting relationship by helping Read More

Back to School, Taylor Swift, and New Beginnings

This morning our nieces headed off to first (how?) and fifth (basically impossible!) grades.  Thanks to Carla, Felicia, and Jackie, Freed Marcroft now has two kindergarteners, a first grader, a second grader, an eighth grader, and a sophomore in our extended brood. Thank goodness for summer -- for Kristen and me it inevitably means more time with our nieces and nephew.  This year we were heavy on beach trips.  The Read More

Divorce and Father’s Day: Being Kind to Kids, Dads, and Moms

We have written before about how to help children (and parents!) cope with divorce during the "holiday holidays."  Although they don't often trigger all the same complexities related to tradition and loss, Father's Day is  also hard for families going through (or even on the other side of) a divorce.  In families where a mom and dad have split, we commonly see parenting plans where dad has the kids on Father's Day Read More

Telling the Children About Divorce, and How Collaboration and Mediation May Help

One of the hardest conversations we have with divorcing parents surrounds their fears about telling the children that a marriage is over. As their lawyers, the very best advice that we have for them is 1) to seek out a mental health professional experienced with families and children who can guide them through how to tell the children, and 2) to consider a collaborative or mediated divorce that will provide them Read More

Madonna’s Christmas Custody Battle & What a Connecticut Court Might Do

On Christmas, Madonna shared this photo of her and her son, Rocco, commenting “Merry Xmas to the sunshine of my life.” It is not uncommon for custody disputes to arise (or become more heated) during the holiday season.  When they involve celebrities, the family's personal struggle can wind-up in the press. So it is with the custody battle between Madonna and Rocco's father, Guy Ritchie, about where their 15 Read More