How to Develop a Great Parenting Plan

When parents split, the dynamics of the entire family change. Two households are created, living arrangements are no longer the same, and the children no longer have both their parents with them at the same time. To minimize stress and set the groundwork for a positive future, you and your spouse should put aside personal differences and create a great parenting plan that is both realistic and favors the needs of Read More

Christmas, Divorce, Mediation, and Gratitude: Lessons From A Former Client

As is often the case, Joan and Rob weren't on exactly the same page when they came to us.  (By the way, names have been changed to protect the privacy of the wonderful.)  One spouse had considered divorce for awhile and, though emotional, was ready.  The other spouse wasn't ready and was just beginning to work through some deep sadness surrounding the ending of the marriage. Mediation Rob and Joan decided to Read More

“Provincial” Connecticut Meets French Provinces: International Divorce Strategy

Connecticut gets (gives itself?) a bad rap for being provincial.  Our clients indicate it is anything but. In just the last couple of weeks, Freed Marcroft has arranged for service of process on spouses in two different European countries, the British Isles, and Canada.  This fits in with the trend we have seen at Freed Marcroft over the last several years. Connecticut, Friends, has become very, very Read More

What Every Couple Should Know About Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is always an emotionally challenging experience, but the collaborative approach takes away that stereotypical adversarial aspect. Instead, collaborative fosters a cooperative environment where you and your spouse can resolve problems, agree on key issues, and preserve the integrity of your relationship. The latter aspect of collaborative divorce is especially important when you have children and want to Read More

[Webinar] “CT Same-Sex Couples & Stepparent Adoption: Your Name on the Birth Certificate is Not Enough”

On Thursday, November 17th at 5:30 PM, Freed Marcroft Attorneys Meghan Freed and Carla Zahner will host a complimentary webinar on stepparent adoption in Connecticut. The recent presidential election has highlighted the importance of adopting children of parents of the same sex.  This webinar will provide clarity on the current status of children who are biologically related to one but not both parents, will share Read More

Dissolution Without Borders: What You Need to Know About International Divorce

Getting divorced is challenging enough, but if you and your spouse live in different countries, it’s hard to know where to begin and what to do afterwards. Where do you file to commence proceedings? And how is the divorce order enforced, especially as it pertains to child custody and division of marital property? It’s a complicated situation that can apply to couples who consist of: Two American citizens with Read More

Post-Election Stress and Adoption

Yesterday morning, following President-Elect Trump's win, I met with a young married couple about a step-parent adoption. They were two women, and the meeting opened with tears. It was heartbreaking. Adoption consultations are usually some of our most joyous -- a happy couple, either planning for or expecting a child.  Yesterday, though, was the morning after a historical election that for many, including in Read More

Turning Back the Clocks and Divorce

Subtitle: "Why Do We Hate Light?" I woke this morning to an iPhone that read "4:30 am," and was mildly annoyed until I realized it was "really" 5:30 am and I had just gained a quiet hour of pleasure reading.  Carpe diem. Mostly, though, I think Daylight Savings Time (thanks Ben Franklin!) is brilliant.  Keep it around all year, I say. On the longest day of the year, the sun bathes Connecticut for more than Read More

Divorce and Your Kids: 6 Tips to Help Minimize Their Stress

When parents initially approach the subject of divorce with one another, one of their first concerns is normally how the children will take it. Fortunately, children are far more resilient than many adults give them credit for, and with the proper approach and support, most children can adapt quite well to the changes occurring in their life during and after a divorce. In order to achieve this positive outcome Read More

A Divorce Lawyer’s Top 3 Tips to Her Friend About How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

What do divorce lawyers tell their friends about hiring divorce lawyers? Well, the other day, an old friend of mine reached out with some rough news. His marriage is struggling and he has reached the point where it's time for him to meet with a divorce law firm to get his arms around some of the potential impacts to him and his family. My friend lives on the other side of the country, and wanted my take on how Read More