A Divorce Lawyer’s Top 3 Tips to Her Friend About How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

What do divorce lawyers tell their friends about hiring divorce lawyers? Well, the other day, an old friend of mine reached out with some rough news. His marriage is struggling and he has reached the point where it's time for him to meet with a divorce law firm to get his arms around some of the potential impacts to him and his family. My friend lives on the other side of the country, and wanted my take on how Read More

Understanding the Key Differences Between a Connecticut Legal Separation and a Divorce

Like so many issues facing you when you are considering a divorce, the differences between separation, legal separation, and divorce can be confusing. For example, it is not unusual for a couple to live separately for awhile before filing for divorce. Most of them use this trial separation as a breather to decide what they really want to do about the relationship. This is not the same as a legal separation. Read More

The Long Game and Divorce

My dad Larry is a great golfer.  My grandparents, uncles, aunts, and now my brother-in-law Keith and colleague Ann are great golfers. My family even holds all celebrations -- from retirement parties to baby showers to after funerals -- at golf courses. I am no golfer. I took one golf class to fulfill my phys ed requirement at Mount Holyoke and then hung up my clubs (except for the six-some I play in once a year at Read More

Be the Best Divorced Parents You Can Be: 8 Tips for Effective Co-Parenting

An amicable co-parenting arrangement with your ex is not always easy, but when successfully carried out it can give your children stability and a sense of being close to both their parents. It is therefore important to put aside the anger and hostility of the past and develop a civil working relationship with your former spouse. These 8 tips will help you foster an effective co-parenting relationship by helping Read More

Collaborative Divorce: The Non-Adversarial Alternative

For decades if people were getting a divorce, they could expect to have to present their cases in front of a judge. Even if they were largely in agreement about how they wanted it to go, this environment naturally led to conflict. Today, however, there is an alternative that is quickly growing in popularity. Collaborative divorce is a process where both parties (along with their attorneys) focus on finding common Read More

May It Be Infinite While It Lasts

Kristen and I spent a weekend last winter obsessed with figuring out our ancestry.  A family rumor on my side of Scandinavian roots was defeated and instead we learned that my Dad is a descendant of King Edward I (a bad, bad, bad man — see Braveheart and, well, history) and a colonial Rhode Island governor and Supreme Court justice.  His family came back to New England after logging serious generations farming and Read More

Divorce and Brick Dust

The plan yesterday was to have a new sign installed in Freed Marcroft's reception area.  Our intrepid signmaker friends spent the holiday weekend trying to get the sign itself finished for us, and yesterday evening -- on Labor Day itself -- met us in the office to install it.  Brick got drilled into, brackets went up, hammer drills hammered. And then?  It didn't fit. (Or Freed Marcroft's ceiling is too low, Read More

Back to School, Taylor Swift, and New Beginnings

This morning our nieces headed off to first (how?) and fifth (basically impossible!) grades.  Thanks to Carla, Felicia, and Jackie, Freed Marcroft now has two kindergarteners, a first grader, a second grader, an eighth grader, and a sophomore in our extended brood. Thank goodness for summer -- for Kristen and me it inevitably means more time with our nieces and nephew.  This year we were heavy on beach trips.  The Read More

Carol Egan, Executive Health Coach, on Eating Well During Divorce

We talked to former clients about their top tips on how to take care of yourself during a divorce.  Their excellent advice, which you can read here, inspired us to do a series of blog posts expanding on their suggestions.  The first was a guest post by Natasha Roggi of  Hartford Sweat on the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of yoga.   The second was about getting outside and exercising.   Now, the Read More

6 Things I’ve Learned About Friendship and Divorce

This morning, Freed Marcroft's Instagram feed was flooded with the hashtag #friendshipday.   Friendship Day is one of those holidays initially created by Hallmark to sell cards.  It is now actually an official United Nations' international holiday celebration of the transformative power of relationships between people.  Friendship is a big topic around Freed Marcroft, as people going through a divorce are keenly Read More