Why is it Important for Same Sex Couples to do a Second Parent Adoption?

When same sex couples decide to start a family, they have plenty of options to make their dreams a reality. Unfortunately, these couples can also face several unique legal issues. Whether you're planning to adopt a new child together, become a parent through surrogacy or a sperm donation, or adopt your partner's child from a previous relationship, you'll need to pursue the appropriate form of adoption to safeguard Read More

When You’ve Got More to Lose: Collaborative Law for Divorces Involving Significant Assets

When a marriage with significant assets ends in divorce, the splitting spouses can face an array of challenges that some other couples will never encounter. It may be even more difficult to decide between methods like litigation, mediation, and collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce presents a wide range of advantages over more traditional methods. It's generally less stressful and less time-consuming than Read More

Social Media Etiquette for the Newly Separated or Divorced

As with so many other aspects of modern life, the emergence of social media has had a huge impact on relationships—more specifically, the end of relationships. In fact, as CNBC reports, multiple studies have consistently linked social media use with an increase in divorce rates. Social media can also create complications for couples in the process of separating as battling lawyers look for dirt. Divorce Magazine even Read More

Understanding the Role of Review Counsel in Mediation

When two parties handle a family law dispute through mediation, the case is settled under their control. Unlike a judge, who might make decisions for the parties, a mediator is there to act as a neutral guide. What does that mean, exactly? Well, if you choose mediation for your divorce or other family law case, your mediator won't take sides. He or she is mainly there to direct your discussions and help you Read More

What are the Big Differences Between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

Here in Connecticut, the law provides several options for divorcing couples who wish to avoid the high cost and stress of litigation. Two of the most popular alternatives—mediation and collaborative divorce—can work very well when both spouses come to the table with a cooperative spirit. The American Bar Association reports that 86 percent of collaborative divorce cases are successful. For mediated cases, the success Read More

5 Podcasts to Reboot Your Confidence After a Divorce

For people going through a divorce, or who have recently been through one, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future. Divorce can signify a fresh new start filled with possibility. How do you hit the “reset” button and regain the confidence to live a full, rich life again—or for the first time? The following five podcasts each deal with various aspects of the recovery timeline and may be helpful as Read More

5 Parenting Back to School Tips After Your Separation or Divorce

The back-to-school season often comes with a mixed feeling of nerves and excitement. When a recent separation or divorce is in the picture, a range of stronger emotions can often join the fray—for both you and your children. Keep these post-divorce parenting tips in mind to help your kids adjust while they settle into the school spirit. 1) Plan ahead for questions. When your kids get back to school, they may Read More

5 Things to Think About If You are Considering Divorce

Have you been thinking about divorce? With kids, finances, and highly-charged emotions in the mix, it's hardly a straightforward decision. Only you can know whether divorce is right for you, but you may need some guidance to steer you towards the right decision. Keep these questions in mind before you plan your next steps. 1) Has an outside stressor put unreasonable strain on your relationship? If you feel Read More

Getting Back On Your Feet: 4 Tips on How to Go Back to School After a Divorce

Once you get past the initial hurdles of divorce, you have a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start. That can mean different things for different people—whether it's new relationships, career changes, or a renewed commitment to your friends and family. If you were primarily a stay-at-home parent during marriage, or if you're simply preparing to rejoin the workforce after a long hiatus, it can also mean a return Read More

What Should an Effective Cohabitation Agreement Between Unmarried Couples Contain?

Prenups aren't just for married couples. Unmarried couples can get in on the legal action with a contract of their own, called a “cohabitation agreement.” While it may seem like an unromantic document to some, it can be an excellent estate planning tool and an excellent way to resolve disputes down the road. Make sure you include these elements in your cohabitation agreement to make sure it's as effective and Read More