Connecticut Family Law 101: An Overview of Grandparents’ Rights to Child Custody

We believe that few things are as special, beautiful, or unique as the grandparent-grandchild bond. Many children claim that their relationship with Grandma and Grandpa has a certain wise and magical quality that has no equivalent in their relationship with their parents. Unfortunately, life sometimes puts grandparents in the position where they want and/or need to become their grandchild’s primary caregiver. This Read More

Tips to Survive (and Even Enjoy!) Thanksgiving During Divorce

Thanksgiving is almost here. Even in the calmest of times, there's so much that goes into the holiday besides just the turkey on the table. When you're going through a divorce, it can feel emotionally and logistically overwhelming. Here are some tips from on how to survive and maybe even enjoy yourself. You deserve it! Plan Ahead and Be Flexible. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what you have, and Read More

Did You Know There are Alternative Ways to Get a Divorce?

The classic image of divorce is two angry spouses battling it out in court. While this still happens, the good news is that it’s not the default route. If you’ve made the decision to end your marriage, you have choices that go beyond simply which attorney to hire. You can also select the divorce method that best reflects your current situation and relationship with your spouse. The primary options are: Read More

A Literal Justice League On Your Side: How to Create a Strong Collaborative Team

Collaborative divorce is an increasingly popular divorce option because it focuses on your needs, not the court process. You work with a skilled and caring team of professionals to take away a lot of the uncertainty and stress associated with divorce and arrive at solutions that benefit you and your spouse. So what exactly does a strong collaborative team look like? Although no two teams are exactly alike, a Read More

Money Crunching: 4 Ways You Can Save Money After a Divorce

The holidays are approaching—the first ones since your divorce—so it’s time to do some math. What we mean is that now is an ideal time to review your financial situation; to start looking for ways that you can give you and your family an enjoyable celebration without compromising your financial independence. Here are four: Update Your Budget If you haven’t updated your budget recently, now is the time. Sit Read More

Depression After Divorce: The Science Behind It

Divorce represents an opportunity to move forward into a new chapter in life. However, some deal with an initial bout of depression in the immediate aftermath of divorce. Why does depression occur after divorce, and what can we do to cope with it? Let’s explore some of the science behind this phenomenon. Post-Divorce Depression by the Numbers Not everyone experiences depression following a divorce. However, Read More

Happily Ever After, After

Before we founded Freed Marcroft, I used to travel for a living. Right now I am alone on a plane for the first time in a long time.  Both avid travelers, Kristen and I journey together frequently for business and pleasure.  But this time, I am the solo advance team off to a workshop a couple of days ahead of Kristen, who together with our wonderful 11-year old niece will fly down to join me for the Law Firm 500 Read More

You Sent an Email You Definitely Should Not Have Sent to Your Ex. Now What?

The invention of email has truly made it easier for us to communicate, but as many a politician can attest, it can also make life very complicated. Most of us have had the experience of hitting the “send” button on an ill-advised email, only to feel instant regret and utter helplessness. Perhaps you’ve sent one of those emails to your ex recently—maybe a hateful diatribe for forgetting the kids, or in a momentary Read More

Why is it Important for Same Sex Couples to do a Second Parent Adoption?

When same sex couples decide to start a family, they have plenty of options to make their dreams a reality. Unfortunately, these couples can also face several unique legal issues. Whether you're planning to adopt a new child together, become a parent through surrogacy or a sperm donation, or adopt your partner's child from a previous relationship, you'll need to pursue the appropriate form of adoption to safeguard Read More

When You’ve Got More to Lose: Collaborative Law for Divorces Involving Significant Assets

When a marriage with significant assets ends in divorce, the splitting spouses can face an array of challenges that some other couples will never encounter. It may be even more difficult to decide between methods like litigation, mediation, and collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce presents a wide range of advantages over more traditional methods. It's generally less stressful and less time-consuming than Read More